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My Trip to Vermont

Got back safe and sound (and dry) from my 1,400 mile ride to Vermont. Had a fine time at Plymouth Notch, watching Governor James Douglas cut the ribbon to the new Coolidge Museum and Education Center (he also gave a good talk on Coolidge's character). There were many interesting folks there, including Bernie Sanders, Amity Shlaes and George Nash. George introduced me to Jim Cooke--at first sight looked much like Calvin--an actor turned performer of Coolidge, Everett, Daniel Webster, J.Q. Adams. I begged him not go into his Edward Everett mode (I didn't have two hours plus!), no problem he said, he was doing Coolidge all that day. I asked President Coolidge a few questions and he knew all the answers, made specific reference to speeches, etc. Pretty impressive. In the conversation, Coolidge said we should "think the thoughts," that the Founders thought, George Nash pointed out that it was President Harding who first used the term "founding fathers." I didn't know this.

Isabella, see her pretty self here weighed down like a pack-mule at the end of the trip, loved the ride and she did everything that was asked of her. She loves the slow pace of the mountain roads as well as the fast-paced interstate. Best thing I ever did for her (and me!) was to put on a Corbin saddle. Long ride without pain of any kind, just pleasure. She's a great ride.

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Sweeeet ... looks like you had a great time.

What kind of bike is that ... Yamaha?

Kawasaki 1600, an '04 I think. Bought it (actually my rich son Joe bought) out of Kentucky some five years ago, had only 1,000 miles on it.

Thanks for this post, Peter -
I lost your card and was going to give Mr. Nash a call for your contact info.
It was a grand day in Plymouth and I was pleased to meet you.
There is more than one photo of Coolidge as Governor of Massachusetts standing near a motorcycle. I've heard that there is one of him riding in a side car - but I've never been able to find it.
- beCool , now -

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