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Victor David Hanson gives a report from the field.
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A pretty good discussion of the weirdness of the current Great Recession.

One big problem is that we have moved away from defining poverty by some "Standard-of-Living". Now that "poverty" is defined as an arbitrary percentage of median income, we are permanently saddled with poverty, no matter how well people actually live.

Yes, there are some folks who are truly impoverished, there are people (and children) who do really wonder where there next real meal will come from. But there are a lot of folks classified as "poor" who live pretty well (and on the dole).

Just my $.02

Hanson says things aren't so bad because people who are shopping (at Home Depot, and buying gas for their cars) seem to be doing just fine. Brilliant.

Why do you hate America?

What's your point?

It's not that they're shopping: it's that they're texting on their high-speed phones while they shop and load the groceries into their newish SUVs. Hardly in need of government money. I'd like to see some evidence of genuine poverty in America (not based off a percentage as Dave hit on): is there actually any left? Is someone who can afford a cell phone and it's plan impoverished? As Dennis Miller pointed out, America may be the only country where "the poor" are obese.

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