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The Most Underreported Events Of The Last Year In Conservative Politics...

might be the founding of National Affairs, and Reihan Salam's The Agenda blog (there is some overlap between those who write for the two platforms.)  They don't get much mass media attention (even from the more popular venues of the right-leaning media), but the conservative domestic policy ideas that will get picked up by the sharpest conservative candidates in the years to come are being hashed out in those places.

Also, National Review On Dead Tree has been smoking in its willingness to publish dissenting or reformist articles in a way that doesn't needlessly antagonize established conservative media figures or politicians.  There is still the problem of popularizing policy prescriptions, but we can begin to see the outlines of a set of rightish policies appropriate for the moment and that is a huge improvement over two years ago.  Now if only someone could get National Affairs subscriptions for the Arizona Republican senatorial candidates. 


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Good insight. Henry Olsen's essay on the Tea Party's place in American political thought is worthwhile:

*fingers in my ears epistemic closure la la la la la*

How about NewsCorp (aka FoxNews) giving $1 million to the GOP ???

Has that been on FoxNews at all?

Or wait, was it the GOP giving $1 million to FoxNews - as Jon Stewart said, that would almost be more sane somehow... like a monetary reward for all their good work.

If I remember the news report correctly I believe the donation was to the Republican Governor's Association. I saw the report on FOX News (it might have been on the 6:00 PM show or a little earlier.)

And no.

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