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Character, so goes the saying, is what you do when you don't think anyone is watching. Relevant wisdom when considering Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern's on-tape, profane disparagement of Tea Partiers and others opposed to Obama-care. Redfern explained that he thought the cameras had stopped rolling.

Chris Littleton, the president of the Cincinnati Tea Party, responded that just because Redfern didn't know the cameras were rolling doesn't mean his point of view changes. He added that all the accusations that Tea Partiers are racist or hateful are a "projection" of opponents' own thoughts and he'd be willing to explain to Redfern why the health care law is problematic to Tea Party participants.

It's helpful to remember that "those f-ckers," on behalf of whom Mr. Littleton would be speaking, constitute the 61% of voters who favor repeal of the health care law. One wonders just how the Ohio Democratic Party really views Ohio's voters.

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Mental Illness again.

Who was it who said that a "gaffe" is defined as "what happens when politicians tell the truth"?

Over the last few years the Democratic Party has demonstrated what it thinks of Ohio's voters. As it looks likely that Ohio voters are about to reject the Democratic Party, it seems probable that you can say those voters noticed.

Did not Fidel Castro make that same "gaffe" a couple of days ago by saying that Communism is working in Cuba? And then he corrected himself later saying he meant to say Capitalism. Which was followed by Fidel saying that the government was going to fire 500,000 government workers. And all the left/liberals in this country like Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, and all of Hollywood just swooned over this guy. Of course none of this people ever moved to Cuba. Again, mental illness.

Yes, he did. And, no, they didn't.

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