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Decadence Watch?

Is having a comedian testify in Congress a step on the road to making a horse a senator?
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A commedian might be a step up from the elected morons in the Senate.

What's next - Elmo testifying in Congress???

(oh...wait, that already happened - 7 months after 9/11 (insensitive???), when Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham invited him to do so)

Anyway, back to the serious stuff - Glenn Beck pouring gasoline on people and instructing his minions to skip the Founding Father costumes and self-incriminating signs, discussions of Lady Gaga & Madonna, and knuckle-biting over The Mozzlums taking over America.

Pass the Jelly Bellies!

Better than Elmo we already have Al Franken as a Senator... ex-crackhead and a commedian to boot.

Warning, warning!! To borrow a phrase from NLT's Hayward, "once you've lost Jon Stewart..."

which, you have:

(and today's homeschooling lesson, cg: c-o-m-e-d-i-a-n)

When you have no comeback, go after the spelling. It is a blog.....

"It's a d@mn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word."

Jackson to the rescue!

You're so right, Owl... I'll remember that the next time I hear conservatives crying on about ebonics and suchlike.

In the wurdz of the grate Richard Cheney, "Goh frshxtrx yorsilph!"

See what a great, creative mind I have!??


So your excuse for your rough criticisms of cowgirl, Craig, is that you cannot comprehend what she writes since her spelling is incomprehensible? You are sadly aware of misunderstanding and simply wish her spelling were better so you could understand her with more clarity. Communication is all and you wish her to understand that she is not communicating her ideas as clearly as possible because of her non-standard English. Right.

Craig, sometimes what you write is incomprehensible to many of us, which is odd, since your spelling and grammar are standard English. Cowgirl is correct: this is the back page of a blog. What she is (or any of us are) writing is not being preserved by the Library of Congress for the ages.

No. Your concern is related to decadence?

Who aksed you, Kate?

As for the sudden concern over "decadence", I addressed the absurdity of that one in my earlier post, where I referenced the noble statesman Duke Cunningham and his colleague, Elmo.

ORLY Scanlon? Lyke, srsly...

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