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The Kansas-Nebraska Democrats of 2010

Michael Barone writes a compelling essay today in which he compares the political arrogance of today's Democrats to that of the Democrats in 1854 who passed the Kansas Nebraska Act.  In both situations, Barone notes, Democrats had large majorities and a young President who seemed to rise up out of no-where to the heights of personal popularity. In both cases, the justification for passing an intensely unpopular piece of legislation without first securing popular sentiment, was that the people would come to appreciate the thing once they had come around to understanding it.  An interesting comparison, that.  It is striking, of course, how unwilling Americans seem to be to come around to an understanding of things their Democrat betters foist upon them.  You'd think that 156 years of experience in this regard might force some Democrats to come around to understanding that
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what did they do differnt in 2010

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