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Family Research Council has released a compendium of articles of socially conservative consequence. Though lengthy, the authors, institutions and content are deserving of attention - the list is reproduced here for ease of reference. As an introduction of sorts, read Rick Santorum's remarks at the University of St. Thomas, "A Charge to Revive the Role of Faith in the Public Square."

Educational Freedom and Reform

Environmental Issues

Faith and Policy

Health Care

Homosexuals in the Military


Marriage and Family

Family Economics



Religious Liberty

Sanctity of Life





Stem Cell Research

Other News for Social Conservatives

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Nice, but it's heavy on journalism and light on peer-reviewed policy science. When will the Right begin to understand that science is the coin of the realm, and while I strongly believe there is a place for journalism and contention, it needs to be firmly rooted in scientific/policy investigation.

Some of this is, I'm sure, but not all.

You want the Right to focus its attention on political science? Even the above reading list is heck of a lot to ask of the average citizen. "Forget that stuff and read peer-reviewed policy science."

Sorry, you sound suspiciously like you are saying that we should all leave politics to the experts in the academy. Didn't Woodrow Wilson say roughly the same thing?

Given, as Hayward pointed out, that the political scientists themselves considered the question, "is political science relevant?" at the latest APSA conference, I'm hesitant on that count as well, Kate. Science has been no friend.

No, but I am saying that the Right needs to cultivate its own experts. Political factions were the beginnings of Greek philosophy, and so this tendency to create expert "hired guns" is as old as Western Civ itself.

Right now they beat us to death with "well, that's not peer reviewed" or "that's just an ill-considered opinion." The science is where they LIVE (at least, publically -- privately progressivism is a secular religion). If you want to beat them on their home field, you need experts and some respect for the science.

You don't science to beat liberals when you have a good ball bat.

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