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I really don't want to pile on Christine O'Donnell, but I'm not sure all this talk about her involvement with witchraft is on point.  In one sense, who cares?  The people of Delaware aren't being asked to vote for the teenage version of O'Donnell or anyone else and if that is all there was to questions about O'Donnell there wouldn't be much there at all. 

What disturbes me more is what this might tell us about Christine O'Donnell's career as a conservative activist and pundit - which is much more relevant to her Senate run than her teenage dating history.  I don't really believe her story.  It is isn't imposible that it happened the way she says, but it sounds to me like she made it up to have something to talk about on the show.  It fits in with a wider pattern of behavior like her fishy lawsuit against ISI and her "Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?" approach to questions about her financial and academic background. None of this makes O'Donnell a monster, but it does make her a lousy candidate for Senate

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Amazing how O'Donnell can confess to such a thing and the Real American, moral values Christians seem to be just shrugging it off. But if the exact same thing would be used as a non-factual smear (Drudge or Breitbart headline: "Pelosi attended Satanic blood ritual!" "Obama part of dark African blood cult!" then it would be taken as... ahem... gospel truth, passed around in endless e-mail lies from Uncle John, and considered a shocking, new low for political scandals, probably a sign of the Republic at risk and surely part of end times prophecy or what-not.

In any case, what of the more mundane stuff that runs counter to her stated commitment to absolute honesty, and the tea party/GOP concern with "fiscal responsibility"?
Does it bode well that she'd shirk campaign finance laws and use campaign money to go bowling and to Ruby Tuesday's?? To me those are sort of laughable violations (but still, probably not what her donors wanted their dollars to go towards - why blow their money after you lose the race?), but imagine just for a moment if a black Dem woman was found to have broken the rules in a similar fashion - would we be getting the "she's just like us" narrative (she has a hard time making ends meet) or the "that's not what Real America's all about" distancing from a culture of irresponsibility?

Glenn Greenwald has some good thoughts on the matter (and he addresses some of the stuff about O'Donnell specifically, although it's more about how Rove and his ilk's reaction to her):

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