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Edward Taylor, a fine man

Back in August I made mention of my old friend, and his broken leg, and alluded to his many virtues.  I bring him to your attention again to announce, sadly, that he passed away.  His 100 year old body gave way, it just could not go on.  I saw him about two weeks ago and he was recovering from his wound, and his mind was what it has always been, a fine thing to behold.  The combination of his mind and heart made him into a gentleman.  He was fine, noble, and beautiful, everything a man should be.  I have never known him to be base, ignoble, or ugly, or to do anything coming close to base.  It should not surprise anyone who knew him that he often spoke of excellence; he wanted to see the excellence in things, and he wanted to be excellent in everything.  He had a deep appreciation for the highest things among human beings, and cultivated them in himself and his fine family.  I once heard him describe his wife Louaine (who died about eight years ago) as an artist, how she had a keen appreciation of the beauty in perfection, and how she disliked ugliness of any kind.  He loved to emphasize the massive fact that she had an artists love of color and detail.  I remembered this when I saw a rainbow yesterday, and I listened to Amazing Grace.  He was right about Louaine and I am right about Ed.  Excellence is rare.  Good men are hard to find, good old man are rare.  I am going to try to grow old into a good old man, into an Ed Taylor.  Rest in peace, my friend.
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Excellence is rare. Good men are hard to find, good old man are rare. I am going to try to grow old into a good old man, into an Ed Taylor.

Indeed it is; indeed they are.

Striving to be an Ed Taylor is a fine thing ... for all of us.

Yes, even for women. It is sad when goodness goes away.

That is a lovely tribute.

Very sad to hear the news. I remember Ed. He was everything Peter described.

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