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This NYT article on the Monet Show in Paris is worth reading.  "The biggest art spectacle in Europe this fall, with some 160 paintings, it is, believe it or not, the first full-dress overview Paris has staged in decades, the first chance anywhere to see the whole sweep of his work in some time."  There are some good lines in the story, including these from Proust: "On the threshold of love we are bashful," Proust noted. "There has to be someone who will say to us, 'Here is what you may love: love it.' "

I vaguelly recollect a story about Monet and Sargent painting side by side, when Sargent asked him for some black, and Monet replied, "I never use it."  Perfect.
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try "When Pigasso Met Mootise" video here, click into the stories to find the right one:
Hours of fun for you and the younger kids.

When I was studying art history it was not really acceptable to like Monet. Maybe he was too easy to like. In any case, it was not "correct" to like him. I never had a good excuse for my taste and inclination. Of course, we cannot help what we like any more than we can help what or who we love.

Yes, Monet is an artist you have to see in the paint. Prints and reproductions are not adequate representations. Kimmelman is correct, too, that there are plenty of Monet stinkers. The Cleveland Museum of Art has a couple of lovelies, though, which I now must go look at on my next day off. They have a "Water Lilies" that is a wall of pleasure. If Ohioans haven't seen it, they should.

Storylineonline is nice, too. I am sending that link to all of the young mothers I know.

Thank you, both.

John Cleese's commentary starts at 2:07 in.



Ok. I give up. Try this:

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