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My Last Appearance on NPR

In light of the shameful firing of Juan Williams, I am embarrassed to mention that I was on NPR last Monday, discussing my Post-Partisan Power plan on Tom Ashbrook's (no relation I assume) "On Point" program.  I shall decline all future NPR invitations, and stick with the Ashbrook Center's podcasts instead.
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Probably a smart move on your part. Given the mood of the country, I think the only income NPR will have in the near future is money from Soros Oil Company. I bet by this time next year, there is no more public funding $$$$.

the soros oil company? LOL
You mean Petrobras? LOL

lol, look the funniest thing in the world if Soros is really gunning for Glenn Beck is the fact that his portfolio was remarkably similar to what Glenn Beck is accused of selling.

Now I would rather own gold the way Soros does in the GLD ETF than buy inflated souvenir gold from goldline, and it is funny that glenn beck is worried and wants folks to buy survival seeds.

I am just saying, that it is funny that if you want a play on seeds I like Monsanto, and soros likes Monsanto, and Beck wants you to buy seeds.

And Soros likes the BRIC and he likes oil, so he wants to be in Brazil and he wants to be in petrobras.

According to his 13f filling with the SEC Soros Quantum Endowment owns:

1. SPDR Gold Trust (GLD): 6.95%
2. Petroleo Brasileiro (PBR): 4.63%
3. Hess (HES): 3.46%
4. Suncor (SU): 3.26%
5. LSI Corp (LSI) : 3.2%
6. Petroleo Brasileiro (PBRA): 2.66%
7. Monsanto (MON): 2.62%
8. Linear Tech (LLTC) : 2.49%
9. Lawson Software (LWSN) : 2.22%
10. Interoil (IOC): 2.19%
11. RF Microdevices (RFMD): 2.11%
12. DirecTV (DTV): 2.03%
13. Verizon (VZ): 2.00%
14. Flextronics (FLEX) Notes: 1.98%
15. Plains Exploration (PXP): 1.80%

So you could also talk about your Soros phone: Verizon(currently using this for laptop connect card)

Or Soros TV: Direct TV.

Of course it really isn't George Soros who runs it, but rather his son Robert Soros, the Quantum fund is huge, and there are a lot of assets Soros owns which aren't required to be disclosed to the SEC...also according to Whitney Tilson's T-2 hedge fund the real "fake" Soros Oil is IOC, or Interoil which is a public relations hype machine.

So is IOC "Soros oil"?

Also the position in Petrobras is more recent/increased dramatically, while the position in Monsanto decreased, and the position in the Gold ETF decreased while he picked up a bunch of individual goldmining companies in particular Novagold (NG).

I kind of like the Quantum Fund, and I think these sorts of 13f SEC filings are a boon.

I mean I could see a sort of hybrid Beck/Soros portfolio looking like this:

GLD: 20%
PBR: 20%
MON: 20%
DTV: 20%
VZ: 20%

That is diversified and not bad looking.

Glenn Beck portfolio for gamblers:

DGP (why settle for the 1 to 1 ratio on the GLD when you can double down?)
XOM (not a huge gambling stock, and currently the largest market cap in the world, but money not lost is money earned, the dividend is solid, safe and reliable far into the future.)
MON (not a huge gambling stock, but the world needs to eat)
GEOY (potentially huge defense/corporate espionage/land survery applications, not to mention google earth, and oligopoly status, a sort of Big Brother stock)
SIRI (radio in general is dead, and the concept can't work, this company will probably go bankrupt...but then has a Glenn Beck connection, and if you do get rid of the subsidies which prop up local radio say gut the entire Corporation for Public Broadcasting for deficit purposes it is helped, it is priced for armagedon and the upside is greater than the downside.)

Note: As GEOY and other firms put more satelites into orbit the costs faced by SIRI decline. SIRI owns some patents and is building up a copyright portfolio, the pie in the sky optimism of 2000 is gone, when it had no revenues it was worth $72 a share. Of course it kept killing its shareholders by dilluting them, and getting into all kinds of nasty litigation, but the worst may be behind it as it posted its first gain, and the pain of visionaries with bad timming is a common refrain. Right now everyone is focused on the howard stern deal, or the potential for the NFL to strike in 2011, The Motley fool called it a vampire stock...but the stock has gained so much since 2008(13 fold) that it will almost certainly be added to the Nasdaq 100 when the new list comes out in December, based on October performance.

Once it is added to the Nasdaq 100 it will get more analyst attention, but also since everyone is trading with ETF's on the QQQ, its almost certain to take a random walk forward provided the bulls continue to run, which given the "monetary hockey stick" is almost a sure thing. This is a stock where its present is much better than its past. Its past was so overhyped, that the pain and suffering and ill will aren't going away. Stock market actors are more rational, but just as Korematsu reaches out with dead hand control to effect a fireing at NPR relating to islamophobia, so to does all past hold a grevious grudge against the future until as Lincoln said: every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword.

Fortunately the market lets you be a carpetbagger, disloyal/cheering for the Miami heat fair-weather fan, lacking honor so as to put aside the historical grudges of others. So once you factor out ill will with the stock (which has never really been all that related to the underlying product in the first place)that still colors the analyst community I think you can see $3 as upgrades get pulled in kicking and screaming from the Goldman Sachs .25, and the Motley Fool "Vampire" analysis.

Ah the humanity!

Don't know why you are bringing Glen Beck into this discussion, more than the fact that since you have no defense about Soros, you need to pick on someone else. Soros may have a small part of Petrobas, but he makes millions off of it, while giving money to U.S. Senators and Congressmen (women, whateve the heck ever) who support global warming, the hoax of the century, and support the complete halt of drilling for oil in the United States. You can analyze the crap out of Soros and Beck's stock holdings, but you cannot deny the fact that Soros is in for himself and his money. Your post proves that alone with his other investments. Socialism and communision is Soros' game, but in his heart he is a staunch capitalist. Altas Shrugged would be proud. Actions speak louder than words.

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