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This is fun.  Scalia takes Kagan shooting.
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Next up: Cheney takes Kagan shooting. (That should get our commenters sputtering their coffee.)

Is he trying to teach her that "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"? This seems a very hopeful development.

Let's hope he is educating her on the true meaning of the second amendment. The clueless Constitutional lawyer in the white house who nominated her to the supreme court is in dire need of understanding the Constitution himself. Maybe Scalia can teach her that the Second Amendment was put in place to guarantee the First Amendment as well as the Third, Fourth, Fifth, etc. etc. etc.

No sputtering here, Steve, but as long as you've brought this sort of top-shelf humor to the subject, might I suggest that you could introduce your friend Cheney to some late night coon hunting? Maybe on a moonless night...

Hardy har?

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