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The High Cost of Feminist "Freedoms" in France

It is no wonder to me, after reading this NYT story on French government policies regarding women and the family that French women are increasingly seeking anti-depressants. This trend probably has very little to do with "macho" culture (as the NYT would have it) and a great deal to do with an idiotic form of nature-denying feminism that has entwined itself (as it invariably does, since nature won't stand for being denied) around a freedom-sucking form of bureaucratic socialism which must stand in for the masculine it seeks to undermine or usurp.  In France, it is now to the point that the government pays for and instructs women in perinatal exercises after childbirth--which appears to be less of a recommendation than a requirement.  The message--now coming from the GOVERNMENT (and perhaps a cold, exacting, well-subsidized nurse Ratchet with equally cold and and exacting gloved fingers)--is that you had better measure up as careerist, mother, sex goddess and femme fatale . . . all within the pre-ordained and government approved time limit, or you are a failure.

Aren't women more free when they get to negotiate (with their husbands) their own ideas about what being a good mother and wife should be? And if there is anything (short of rape) that is more degrading in Western Civilization than that regimented prescription of vaginal exercises ordered and funded by the French government, I cannot imagine what it is. The NYT, in typical fashion, engages in excellent description and a huge amount of missing the point.
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I would love to get feedback from NOW on this issue.

From the article, it would seem that part of the stress French women feel is in struggling to meet their husband's expectations, as well as their own. I'll bet the French government provided those absurd lessons as a response to democratic pressure from ordinary women and men.

That was how I read it.

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