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The Passion of the Horse

Remember when the left began sputtering with anaphylactic shock upon the release of The Passion of the Christ, shrieking that the movie was pornographically violent, hatefully anti-Semitic and simply inappropriate for American audiences in its overtly pro-Christianity? They fled to Michael Moore's movie as an antidote to such Christ-smut and reassurance of their world-view.

The entire episode provided a useful measure by which to identify those on the left who had simply gone off the reservation in their knee-jerk, irrational hatred of all-things-Christian.

Well, another cinematic stimulus has triggered another outbreak of lunacy amongst the radical left: Secretariat. A Disney movie about a horse. Salon's review condemns the movie's NAZI-driven racism, pro-Americanism and "Christian-friendly and 'middle-American' inspirational values." From the Catholic League:

The Sarasota Herald is not happy with the movies' "barely concealed religiosity" and "all the talk about 'lifting up.'" The New York Times notes its "Bible-thumping" elements, while says, "the film is bookended by quotes from the book of Job, interrupted by mystical shots of clouds and sunbeams, and even has a scene where the horse gets a rubdown scored to a gospel song." Newsday goes so far as to claim that the director "insists on turning the horse into Christ himself," and New York 1 opines "it's a bit much" to endure "passages from the Bible and playing gospel music." Similarly, complains the film "reeks" of "grandiosity," even to the extent of "using Old Testament quotations and gospel music."

A sign of the times. The only examples in Hollywood of gratuitous violence, harmful messages or inappropriate themes visible to liberals involve gospel music and Bible passages. It's hard not to feel more pity than consternation for such miserable people. 

NOTE: I've not seen the movie, but I'm a life-long fan of Secretariat. I wasn't alive to view his historic Belmont victory, but my mother recounts that she wept at the beauty.

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I recall watching that Belmont win as it happened. It was a beautiful expression of strength and nobility.

If in fact the movie is as overtly Christian as claimed, I'm surprised Disney is behind it. I would not say they are the most religiously-centered company.

And it reminds me of my astonishment that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for "The Blind Side." Her character's obvious grounding in Christian principles should have rendered the movie hateful in the eyes of Hollywood. Perhaps she got a pass for some more politically correct stance outside her role in that movie.

Secretariat's Belmont win ranks (in my view) as one of the top captured expressions of athletic excellence. Another that comes to mind is men's 4 x 100 relay at (I think) Seoul when Carl Lewis took the baton in the anchor and simply ran away from the field.

Secretariat's sire is from a Ranch about 15 miles from where I live. Secretariat was the greatest race horse that ever lived. The movie is amazing. Who cares what anyone is Hollywood has to say about anything. Most of the population of Hollywood loves Che Guerrava and Fidel Castro. Enough said.

Go see the movie.

God forbid there is a heaven without horses!

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man!

Actually, Seabiscuit is acknowledged as the greatest race horse. Secretariat is a formidable horse, but Seabiscuit was by far the better horse. If only they hadn't been separated by time...what a competition that would have been!

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