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From Newsweek: "As Cass Sunstein, a centrist legal scholar at the University of Chicago who now serves in the Obama administration, has explained . . . "

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Newsweek prints yet another lying sack of interpretation. "Centrist" legal scholar? I've read the man's books, you doofuses. He wants the SC to read FDR's Second Bill of Rights into the Constitution.

But I guess this means that when Newsweek has to talk about a man even more to the left than Sunstein, like Goodwin Liu, they will describe him as a "leftist legal scholar?" Right?

Dear Newsweek: You don't get to define the CW anymore. And get a clue, your Liberal-Dominated "Elite" Law School buds /sources do not represent centrist American opinion about the SC.

The real CW (that's conventional wisdom, in Newsweek-speak) is, and has been for some time, this: Newsweek libs and faux-moderates, you made your magazine worthless. Even the school librarians are figuring that out.

Newsweek still exists?

Is Goodwin Liu "more to the left" than Sunstein?

For that would probably come as news to Sunstein.

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