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While we don't have to agree with every word that Charles Krauthammer and Robert D. Kaplan write on Obama and his Asia trip, we can note (and agree with) the fact the US has to be interested in the region, and not just for economic reasons.  India is very important for geopolitical reasons (the Obama administration  is not in fundamental disagreement with the Bush administration in all this; one of Bush's great contributions was the establishment of the firm alliance with India, which Obama continues), as is Indonesia.  If you don't know geopolitics, or think much about China, or why India is interested in Afghanistan, or why the Strait of Malacca are important, or anything about Spykman, or the "rimland" of Eurasia", etc., the Classics of Strategy might be a good start.
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For years India was a Soviet ally and Pakistan was ours - a classic balance-of-influence situation. Kashmir and Islamic terrorism, the Iranian Revolution, and the failure of Soviet command economies around the world have changed everything. Now the enemy of my enemy is my friend -- we are all fighting Islamofascism.

I will say that, too often, we have sacrificed American economic interests to geopolitical ones (trade deals with Korea and the like). That will have to end. The backbone of our economy is broken (labor-intensive manufacturing), and it grows harder each year to realize the American dream for millions of Americans. At some point we will have to except slightly more expensive goods so that our fellow Americans can have decent-paying jobs. You don't have to be on the Left to see this (e.g., Pat Buchanan).

Don't make me get out the inequality statistics, personal wage statistics, and the like. The primary purpose of the American economy is to benefit Americans.

Great idea; let's respond to a recession by jacking up tariffs. Maybe we can get Japan to invade Manchuria, while we're at it.

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