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Obama's America at the UN

It's that time of year again, when the UN sternly speaks truth to power and publicly denounces those nations which transgress upon human rights. Some might expect to hear stern words for Sudan, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China, etc., etc. - but, those people haven't been keeping their eye on the ball.

21 resolutions, totaling 80% of all resolutions, were - as always - directed toward Israel. Six additional countries each earned one scolding resolution. Among the six: the Republic of Georgia and the United States. We shared the honor with Burma, Iran and North Korea (the latter having just attempted to instigate a war with its neighbor while announcing illegal nuclear weapon facilitation, but nevermind that).

And all of this follows on the heels of the UN's "universal periodic review" session last week, during which non-human-rights-violating countries such as Cuba, Libya and Venezuela lined up (literally) to condemn the U.S. - and for which the Obama Administration offered "thanks to very many of the delegations for thoughtful comments and suggestions." (Note: Obama joined America in the UN human rights body which condemned America, contradicting the wisdom of all former presidents who sought to elevate the U.S. above such humiliating company.)

The only thing more sickening than U.S. involvement in the UN is US self-abasement before the UN.

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We ought have at some time run down the list of UN agencies which one can join a-la-carte and asked one question: what is our actuarial calculation about what in blood in treasure we might save by being a member of this agency? One suspects an honest answer would be, over and over, 'neglible'.

Why are we members? Well, it is not in the material interest of employees of the State Department to reduce the potential number of wheel spinning positions for Foreign Service types. Also, one can surmise that much of our diplomatic corps, like much of the national press corps and much of the arts and sciences faculty, is post-American.

Any link to the text of the U.N. resolution? I'd love to know what was being condemned before deciding whether that condemnation was worthy or not.

Joel, if they are expending 80% of their man-hours on the doings of a (chronically beseiged) constitutional republic where lives 0.11% of humanity, it is unlikely their enterprise is worthy.

I'll do you one better Joel - here's a youtube video of some of the highlights of the universal periodic review session:!

I don't let the UN get under my skin anymore. It's political theater, nothing more. Let them strut and fume. Our business is to drop this joke of a President and return the government to adults.

The adults have not been fully and firmly in charge since Gen. Eisenhower retired to his homestead in Gettysburg, Pa.

The UN is still around? I kind of forgot about that worthless organization.

Oh, I dunno, I thought we had adults during the Reagan/elder Bush years. I felt relatively safe from Communists & levelers during those years, anyway.

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