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Question: If today's elections go as well for the tea party candidates as polls indicate, how should their supporters celebrate?  Should they drink tea?  Or, since the tea party was about dumping tea in the harbor and avoiding the tea tax, should they drink coffee?

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They should begin by re-reading (or reading for the first time) the Declaration, the Constitution, the Federalist papers and move on from there. No time for parties. They need to be in the library doing their homework!

If they read those documents out in public gatherings it would be like a party.

They should assume a humble posture and turn their gaze on continuing the fight.

I'm a guy ... I have to use sports analogies ... it's only the first half. There's a generation of fighting in front of us.

Now is as good a time as any to resurrect this piece from 2001 by my friend Matt Robinson:

The upshot: Julie is half right. First pour yourself a drink. Then start reading.

I think any sort of extended celebration is dangerous. It is good to see some people win office without mainstream support from the political machine, and in many cases like Paul having his own party send out attack dogs. The fact that this was ignored by the voters is a good sign in my opinion. However, it will be extremely important for them to not be gobbled up by the party borg and morph into just another bought and paid for criminal animating a suit. I believe this is the most dangerous time for the country because the good will brought on by an apparent vicotry could simply soften the energy to resist and mask the continuation of an incidious agenda that simply moves back and forth from party lines. Bananna Republics can go through three presidents in a year and never see a single change. There are plenty of people out there who can animate a suit. I hope that people use this as a springboard rather than a sort of job is done momement and the some of the change carries over to the actual legislation.

"....and in many cases like Paul having his own party send out attack dogs."

Whoa, your wording is a little unclear there, Brutus.

Are you talking about the GOP going after Paul or Paul's people throwing that girl down to the curb and stepping on her head and neck??

Crazy that Paul got elected. Good luck even faking it with black Americans now that they've got a home in the GOP. "Of course you ought to be able to eat in any restaurant you wish, but sorry, what's more important is that American liberty be protected and private property owners not be forced to let you patronize their establishments if they don't want to do so."

Or they could read a little poetry:

Fear not these, they have made their bargain,
They have counted the cost of the last of raids,
They have staked their lives on the things that live not,
They have burnt their house for a fire that fades.

Five years ago and we might have feared them,
Been drubbed by the coward and taught by the dunce;
Truth may endure and be told and re-echoed,
But a lie can never be young but once.

Five years ago and we might have feared them;
Now, when they lift the laurelled brow,
There shall naught go up from our hosts assembled
But a laugh like thunder. We know them now.

(Excerpt from Chesterton's "Election echo 1906")

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