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This is E.J. Dionne's understanding and weak justification for Pelosi staying on as the leader of the Dems in the House.  I could be missing something, or, this foolish act on her part (and Reid staying on, and Obama's post-election press conference) is proof that the three liberals (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) have as much self-understanding as I did when I thought about becoming a medical doctor (the day before my organic chemistry class started). This perfect number (3) really is a gift to the GOP.  Aren't you glad Reid didn't lose his seat?
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No. I can't stand listening to him. I limit myself to listening to sound bites as hearing too much Reid makes me respond in ways detrimental to my dignity.

Yes, they are a gift to the GOP, as long as they remain politically deaf. But that reminds of the comments of people who say we should be grateful for AIDS because it slowed the sexual revolutuion. Maybe. Even if true, how do you define "good"?

I'm with Kate on this one. Every time I see Pelosi it makes me want to shoot someone (especially her). I guess it will be to our advantage to have her around as a reminder of the liberal cancer that is eating our nation from the inside out, but I don't have to like it!

Isn't this a bit over the top and ungrown up?

Every time I hear Pelosi, Reid, or Obama I understand there is this reaction, but I kind of wonder what the big deal is.

In my opinion it just indicates that you have short circuted praise and blame and created a sort of whipping boy politics.

Liberal Cancer, and on par with AIDS?

Such a strange world our copyright and first ammendment laws have sown in the realm of creative ideas and original expression.

What if I find it more dangerous to allow such ideas to take root?

I think I might write a book,

Strawmen: The decline of adverbs, and the rise of persons as adjectives.

With a special focus on Keynes, Obama and Pelosi.

You should write a book...a thousand pages of drivel. Sorry, John, but you are hardly a master of prose.

It is a cancer, a disease of the mind and polity. I call it like I see it. And I'm not scapegoating or strawmanning or anything of the sort. Pelosi presides over the slow destruction of our Republic, and she enjoys it. That makes her either crazy/stupid or evil. I lean toward the former, but who really knows?

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