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So I read in the New York Times that we're going to respond to North Korea's latest provocation with military "exercises."  It reminds me of the clarity of Ronaldus Magnus, who listened to everyone at a national security council meeting offer big talk about having naval exercises in the Gulf of Mexico to rattle Fidel Castro but scuttled the whole thing with a simple question: Just how, exactly, is Castro going to be intimidated by exercises?

The obvious answer is to send in Trey Parker and Matt Stone for a sequel to Team America: World Police.
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But the article indicates this is a strong first response. “They have a 60-year history of military provocations — it’s in their DNA,” said a senior administration official. “What we are trying to do is break the cycle,” a cycle, he said, that has North Korea’s bad behavior rewarded with “talks, inducements and rewards.” He said that the shelling would delay any effort to resume the six-nation talks about the North’s nuclear program.

We are not just exercising; we are also not talking to them.

This leaves me with an image of the US and South Korean military personnel "exercising" with their backs to North Korea, whilst whistling cheery songs. This seems likely to frustrate Kim Jong-Il no end. ( Oh, sure. It would me).

Further on in the article, there is a bit about the South stopping food shipments and ended trade with the North after the last attack. Frustrating for leaders, sure, but how awful for the people of North Korea for whom everything only seems to get worse.

Well, according to this foreign policy expert, we're bound by treaties to stick with our allies... in North Korea:

I betcha she was watching them with her super-duper powerful binoculars for years, wavin' and a-winkin' at 'em!

"Heyah there, friends!!"

Great Movie - best scene - Michael Moore ranting and raving while stuffing his face with hot dogs - Wonder what Michelle would say....

Scanlon - I guess we could compare Sarah's quote to the more stupid quote of The President of the United States - you know - the one where he told us about how he has visited 57 States in the United States of America while campaigning... Geez.....

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