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A Downside to Manliness?

How can there be a downside to manliness?  Well, Science magazine sez there is.

Maybe the problem is that not very many scientists are Republicans, so they aren't very familiar with manliness.
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Hmmm ... put up with a few more parasites, but get more chicks ... seems like a fair trade to me. :-)

Maybe all the parasites are female?

Who needs science when there's such manly stuff as mega-churches, gut feelings, and conservative think tanks to give us all the answers we need? Lock and load!

Can't say I get your post, Scanlon. Snark I get. Point I don't.

It's real simple. All Scanlon's comments boil down to "Death to America!" He hates liberty and the baby Jesus too. He's as bad as Charlie Mason.

On a more serious note, I think this Science article is fundamentally correct -- dominance has a price. I can't tell you how many young men I've seen, smart young men, who got themselves into trouble by jackassing around (showing off for females and each other, mostly).

Everyone should read Warren Ferrell's "The Myth of Male Power." Changed my perspective. As a society, we need to start taking care of our boys/men. For too long they have simply been the expendables.

I would not take the poll too seriously. The numbers are plausible for a group of college teachers, not for scientists working in industry. They also report that the poll was conducted 'online' with a 'random sample' of the AAAS membership. I think if it was taken online, the responses would have to be self-selected, making the precise numbers dispensable.

Craig Scanlon should be able to figure out that a biology professor's opinions on matters extraneous to his work life (e.g. climatology or the institutional culture of the Environmental Protection Agency or Katy Perry's musicianship) are not likely to be more valid than that of anyone else who reads the papers, including protestant ministers.

Yes they get themselves into trouble, but the capacity to achieve is derived from the same juice.

Young men do not need to be 'taken care of', but to be placed in environments in which they can thrive. (Which means environments different in important respect than the contemporary school system or the fatherless home).

Yes, by "taken care of" I mean just that, placed in more appropriate environments, but also not taken for granted (i.e., the automatic and thankless obligation to do everything from clean the gutters to die for the country). Of course, someone has to do these things, but less feminine bitching and a little more reward would go a long way toward redressing some of these problems.

A fairly severe critique of contemporary girl culture in its public and private manifestations is very much in order, but it is advisable to not neglect a severe problem: the judiciary. Much of the trouble the male population faces in this country can be described as abuse (by a section of the professionial-managerial bourgeoisie, male and female) of men from all walks of life.

I've noticed that "manliness", more than any other word or topic brought up on this blog, has the power to drive Mr. Scanlon to distraction.

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