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I mention below the political (electoral) consequences of the 2010 census, but several demographic stats also deserve mention.

As expected, the quickly growing Hispanic population has easily surpassed blacks as the largest minority. Whites presently represent less than 2/3 of the population, and are shrinking. Minority population has grown at five times the rate of whites since 2000 - so if you're an "America is a white nation" advocate ... you'd better get breeding! 2050 is forecast as the shift in balance when whites fall below 50% of the population.

On the issue of segregation, about 80% of whites live in predominately white areas, while just under half of black and Hispanics live in areas with a majority of their own ethnicity.

Most troubling by far, however - women are only 50.7% of the population. That's still way too many dudes, in my opinion. Ladies, more of your own, if you please!

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um, it's the dudes who are responsible for the dudettes. I love scientifically illiterate conservatives....

And we conservatives love humorless libtards who can't tell the difference between the serious and the tongue-in-cheek!

The other side of this coin, and probably more important, is the Roe effect (See Freakonomics) on the population. Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, there have been over 40 million legal abortions. Unfortunately for the democratics (who support abortion) this has caused "the missing voters" syndrome, which means there are less liberal voters than conservatives. If you need an empirical evidence on the Roe Effect, just look at the most liberal city in America and located very close to me - so I know it well - San Francisco. It is a dying city, as the nuclear intact family/youth population there is almost null. So bad is it that Mayor Newsome tried to revive the schools systems by dumping tons of money into them and making them more attractive for nuclear families. SF's senior citizen population is about 17% and is expected to grow twice that in the next decade. They have huge issues with senior care and senior living facilities. And there is no younger generation coming up to help support. Good luck to all the OLD dope, smoking, abortion-minded, radical, left wing nutballs in S.F. - there is no one to take care of you. How's that Choice thing working for you.

"Minority population has grown at five times the rate of whites since 2000 - so if you're an "America is a white nation" advocate ... you'd better get breeding!"

Hmmm.....and are you, Justin, such an advocate?

(Nice job maintaining the plausible deniability!)

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