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Cherokee on iPhone

Cherokee is now available on iPhone and iPad, and it is hoped that this will help save the language by getting the Cherokee youth, lovers of gadgets, to use the language more than they now do.  Out 290,000 members of the tribe, only about 8,000 speak Cherokee.  "What makes you a Cherokee if you don't have Cherokee thoughts?"  asked Rita Bunch, superintendent of the tribe's Sequoyah Schools.

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The inevitable passing of the great tribes. Sad, but bound to happen. Fortunately, like Latin, they have a written language (unlike most Indian languages), and so the richness of their worldview will never be completely lost.

Much like Gaelic, it will linger, and there will be repeated attempts to prop it up, but unfortunately language is a everyday tool rather than an heirloom. That which is most functional typically pushes out competitors.

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