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Forcasting the Census

The Washington Times reports that the 2010 census, due to be released tomorrow, will include "a boatload of good political news for Republicans and grim data for Democrats." 

UPDATE: WaPo has the census results, with a map showing changes. Indeed, bad for Democrats.

+2 Seats: Texas and Florida.

+1 seat: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington.

-1 Seat: Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

-2 Seats: New York and Ohio

Republicans will control the redistricting process in eight states, Democrats will control just two.

The total population of the country as of April 1 was 308,745,538, a 9.7% increase from 2000.

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Provided the Republicans don't throw away whatever advantage falls in their laps.

I assume it will simply show the continued decline of Northern and Midwestern populations and an increase in the South and West. Maybe good news, but it's the composition of those Southern and Western populations that increasingly matters for national politics (e.g., California). The West that isn't already blue turns more purple by the year.

The West that isn't already blue turns more purple by the year.

Indeed. I live in Arizona. Tucson, to be exact. My representative is Raul Grijalva, an unrepentent socialist. AZ-8 re-elected Gabrielle Giffords, and AZ-8 should be pure old-fashioned Arizona rancher conservative.

But the California rats that are fleeing that sinking ship are, in large measure, coming to Arizona. There are daily commuter flights from TUS to LAX on which people fly to and from each day. No kidding.

The human heart beats strong for the selfish, short-sighted ways of contemporary Democratic politics. So until forced to abandon that impulse, people will continue ... continue to vote that way and continue to lay waste to more of America.

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