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So over at National Review Online, I offer my predictions for 2011 on the third page, right below K-Lo's.  One of them involves Jonah Goldberg and his hero canine companion, Cosmo.  (Yeah, that's one way troll for a link--Ed.)
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You left out Cosmo being a participant on "Dancing with the Stars"

I can't recall a time where having a sense for what might transpire in the coming year has been so challenging. Things are remarkably fluid right now. Pretty much anything can happen.

That's always true, that events are remarkably fluid and anything could happen. I recall a personal prediction, when GWB was pressing to invade Iraq, that the end of that would be a Democratic Administration that would do exactly what Democrats had always proposed and never had the political support to do. That's what I thought "another Vietnam" would do for us.

This step, the push-back, the offense of those policies to the sensibilities of so many Americans, this is something hoped for but not expected. I love it. I hope it is bedrock. Fluid events can flow over that and we can plant our feet on it again and again, even if events dislodge us a little.

Yes, it looks like an interesting year coming up. It's a little shocking to me that keeping a republic is still such hard work.

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