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Michael Ramirez published this the day after Obama signed the health care bill. Here is his redux the day after the first federal court ruling against the individual mandate.

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One more depressing note: Justice Breyer was on Fox News the other day and said this about the second amendment:

Breyer said history stands with the dissenters in the court’s decision to overturn a Washington, D.C., handgun ban in the 2008 case “D.C. v. Heller.”
He said historians would side with him in the case because they have concluded that Founding Father James Madison was more worried that the Constitution may not be ratified than he was about granting individuals the right to bear arms.
Madison “was worried about opponents who would think Congress would call up state militias and nationalize them. ‘That can’t happen,’ said Madison,” said Breyer, adding that historians characterize Madison’s priority as, “I’ve got to get this document ratified.”
Therefore, Madison included the Second Amendment to appease the states, Breyer said.
“If you’re interested in history, and in this one history was important, then I think you do have to pay attention to the story,” Breyer said. “If that was his motive historically, the dissenters were right. And I think more of the historians were with us.”

Should there not be some requirement of a Justice of the Supreme Court that at least they know the history of the Constitution and it's Amendments. I mean obviously it is okay to destroy the Constitution - The Warren Court did an excellent job of that, but at least can Breyer not change the original meaning of the 2nd Amendment?

Here's a comic about the same subject:

Craig, in the last analysis the nationalization of health care was an enterprise owing its origin to the Democrat Party.

Craig, do you have links and/or literature to support the claim that Republicans were the progenitors of the individual mandate for health insurance? I'd be interested to read what you've got in context.

I do know that, regardless of the contents of the rest of the health care tome, without the individual mandate the entire Obamacare program will not work.

As an aside, Dr. Drew (hardly a beacon of conservative thought) has come out as one of a host of doctors saying Obamacare will wreak havoc on the medical industry. The best doctors will be leaving Medicare as the government begins attempting to introduce price controls while flooding the market with demand.

Here, Andrew,
I remembe the Nixon proposals and thought there must be something on the Web about it. That is more fun than other sources, although this is not the whole plan spelled out. Young Daniel Schorr has a brief description after you get to hear a young Edward Kennedy read an early teleprompter and Nixon read his prepared remarks.

$5.60 Medicare premiums!

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