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The Case Against Hobos and for Marriage

Jonah Goldberg has made a highly qualified case for bourgeois homosexuals (Hobos) and hence for same-sex marriage.   In the lively new University of Chicago journal, Counterpoint, "Carl Roberts" anticipated why Jonah's argument fails.  Unlike the Robby George-inspired recent natural law essay "What is Marriage?"  Roberts bases his argument on social science. 

Roberts maintains that legalizing same-sex marriage would change the cultural underpinnings of marriage from procreation to companionship.  This profound shift undermines marriage in general (here he uses the Chicago lingo of "incentives").  It subsequently encourages single motherhood, which clearly is the major source of urban poverty. 

The conservative journal (edited by Chicago undergrads) boasts a series of thoughtful articles on Martin Diamond, Jane Austen, gun rights, Lady Gaga, and many other topics of enduring and contemporary interest.  May it be blessed with a Rockefeller!

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Interesting. I wonder how the greater streamlining of the gay subculture is going to affect mainstream culture itself? What role would acculturation play in further weakening traditional marriage?

Time to start pulling the grant money from National Review.

Is this post a subtle way of saying that Ashbrook will not be attending CPAC this year, since they're allowing teh gays (well, the ones who have come out of the closet, at least) to attend?

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