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Just an observation of related sentiments from the left in recent, diverse news stories. First, everyone is noting that Obama has come under intense scrutiny from the left, which is furious at his failure to implement a radically liberal agenda and irrationally refuses to accept political (and economic) realities as an excuse. Second, a public event regarding the Smithsonian's decision to pull the ant-covered-Jesus exhibit hosted a furious group of leftists planning public protests of the gallery and refusing to accept political (and economic) realities as an excuse.

In both cases, the angry left are well aware that the targets of their scorn and rage are absolutely on their side. In fact, both figures publically admitted that they "hated" the decisions to compromise, but were forced away from "purist" positions due to realities beyond their control - realities which could have had far more damaging consequences if they'd not compromised.

The left seems to have unresolved anger-management issues from the Bush years. Having survived their anti-Christ, they had high expectations of their new messiah. But God's new-best-thing-since-sliced-bread just isn't walking on water and working miracles in their midst, and the betrayal of their fanatical faith and fantasies has evoked zealously passionate (and irrational) indignation and self-righteous rage. They want a new world order, and they want it now - but they're not going to get it. So false-prophets and mere realists alike should take cover, for the pitchfork-wielding left want a martyr or a sacrifice for their cause... and either will do.

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The noisy left is highly enamored of demonization and groupthink. They no longer have Bush as a target for their 1984-like moments of hatred, and neither Palin nor Limbaugh can really fill the bill the way George W. Chimpy McHitler did (neither holds any office), so they are turning on Obama during this midterm winter of their discontent.

But never fear: I predict that once a GOP presidential frontrunner emerges, the leftist hive will drop all the Obama-kvetching in a heartbeat and begin swarming furiously against the latest Republican devil-figure. Just wait.

I think your religious analogy here is spot-on, Justin. It just hasn't dawned on this people that "no we can't!" Hope and change is just a slogan at the end of the day, which is a bitter pill for people who aren't used to logic and realism. How can you save the world if you have to compromise with evil/stupid people all the time???

I wish these people would grow up, but I'm sure that's too much to ask. For all their credentialed claims to knowledge and wisdom, many of these people are functioning like prepubescents.

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