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Wal-Mart Goes to Court

From WaPo:

The Supreme Court on Monday accepted what will likely become the highest-profile business case of the year, agreeing to decide whether 1.5 million female employees of Wal-Mart can pursue job discrimination claims [worth billions of dollars in damages -JP] in the largest employment class-action suit in the country's history.

Without having looked at any facts of the case, I presume that the underlying claim (that Wal-Mart "pays women less than men and promotes women less frequently") is factually true. However, I also assume it is irrelevant. This seeming inequality is likely due to a historical trend of women working less hours / part-time as compared to career-oriented men. The assertion that the world's largest private employer has somehow managed to convey a secret message of gender discrimination to store managers across the world seems a bit preposterous.

Wal-Mart is hated by the left, serving as the quintessential model of corporate evil - suffocating humanity beneath a plastic shell of enervating greed. Of course, most on the left have no idea that their regurgitated sound-bites are simply flowery rhetoric peddled by union bosses who recognize Wal-Mart's opposition to unionization as a grave threat to their existence. The largest employer in the world refusing to unionize workers. What could more directly strike at the heart of union power and prestige?

The left apparently fails to notice that Wal-Mart provides 1) jobs to unskilled workers and 2) a wide range of affordable commodities to low-income buyers. These are critical services which the government simply cannot duplicate. (What is the average cost per job created by Obama's stimulus package?) Unions have convinced liberals to sacrifice their concern for the poor, enlisting them instead to oppose the company providing the most benefits to low income families. All due to the left's blind loyalty to labor unions. 

The infamous 9th Circuit in San Francisco ruled that the class-action suit could continue to trial. The Supreme Court's acceptance of Wal-Mart's appeal of that ruling suggests the possibility for a dismissal. The high court will not rule on the merits of the underlying discrimination claim, but rather a question of class action suits. However, on my assumption that the global conspiracy theorists are wrong in their Wal-Mart-hates-women campaign, dismissal is the best ultimate conclusion. (I just hope Wal-Mart doesn't have to raise prices to pay for the lawyer bills!)

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The left's hatred of Wal-Mart has the same basis as their hatred of Sarah Palin. Make a liberal/progressive mad: Work hard, be succesfuly, make lots of money and be happy.

I love Wal-Mart and shop at the one located by my home at least twice a week. What you say is true - most people who shop in Wal-Mart are low-income and talk about diversity!!! You will find more diversity in Wal-Mart than in Gumps or Nordstroms. Force Wal-Mart to raise their prices, then were will already strapped families shop? Liberals, Progressives, Anyone?

"I love Wal-Mart and shop at the one located by my home at least twice a week."

...and when you're finished with the various quality products that you buy there, you have that convenient canal next to your home to dump them in. Oh yeah, life is good!

Well, I don't love Walmart. They were the ones who started the gradually replacement of American-made products with Chinese made ones. The whole Rubbermaid incident tells the story (there is also a good PBS Frontline program on this issue). Keeping prices low isn't so great when it forces companies to abandon domestic production (goodbye, jobs!).

On the other hand, I do hope they win this lawsuit. It has become too easy for the Left to win by judicial fiat. No one forced those women to work at Walmart, and if they don't like it there's a big labor market out there filled with more enlightened employers (yes, even in this economy). The whole labor movement is wrong-headed.

Matter of fact the GameBoy I threw in the canal I bought from Wal-Mart. So there goes another "quality product".

Yes, Justin, we get it - Wal-Mart and the Vatican are the best friends a boy could ever have:

So you are one of the five people who watch, listen or read MSNBC? Congratulations, you and Bill Gates are keeping them in business.

Wow! Bazinga!

With thoughtful comebacks like that, I'm surprised you're not a talking head on FoxNews, cowgirl!

And I am surprised you are not a talking head on MSNBC - so there...

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