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I happened to see this NJ Gov. Christie appearance on Morning Joe (MSNBC) yesterday morning and I thought you might take ten minutes to see how a politician should both seem and be, how he should think aloud, how he should talk.  Very impressive, and very disarming.  You can tell how his interlocutors--even those who want to disagree with him--are disarmed, even persuaded. His character and personality for a politician are nearly perfect, in my opinion.  You cannot help liking him.  Honest, clear, amusing, lucid--notice that there is no "uhming and ahing" at any time, no hesitation--clearly deeply thoughtful and knowledgeable, he speaks with an authority that is rare.  Very persuasive.  Also, he's fat, lards the lean earth as he walks along, he's thrice wider than other men. therefore worthy of our entire trust.  It is not possible that this man will not run for president.
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"It is not possible that this man will not run for president."

Let us hope and pray you are right.

Do note his response today to a question from George Stephanopoulos about what is required in a GOP candidate for President . . . well, dog my cats if he don't resemble that description! Last question in the interview, of course.

"If you lose a sense of wonder in this job, you're lost." --Christie's response (following a robust "Yes!") to the question of whether he's enjoying himself in the governor's job.

Based on that alone, no one can beat this guy if he decides to run. No one.

I hope he decides to run for President. We need an adult running the country. We are done with the temper tantrum children of the 1960's & 1970's running the country.

I heard Christie speak at a school choice conference last year, not very long after he'd been elected but early in his celebrity among conservatives. He was very good. He said all the right things, and I think he's pretty good on the schooling question. But let's not forget Christie wasn't the "conservative" candidate in 2009. He was, in fact, the RINO. Let us also not forget he came out whole hog for Meg Whitman in California. Christie is awfully appealing... but not perfect. As long as we understand the man's limitations, I think all will be well.

Yea, I agree with Ben. He IS extremely likable, and everyone on the Right should be enthusiastic about his fiscal conservatism (and straight-shooting demeanor). Nonetheless, let's wait and see.

The man is a pure joy to watch in hostile press conferences!

"he's fat, lards the lean earth as he walks along, he's thrice wider than other men."

made me think of this:

Craig, you are a bigot, taking advantage of one of the last groups the Left has deemed fair to disparage -- fat people. What does his weight have to do with his effectiveness as a leader?

Shove it, dude.

I was hardly disparaging Christie for his size. I was merely pointing out what came to my mind - based on Mr. Schramm's own description of the man. "lards the earth"??? That sounds like some kind of fat-oozing slug, or, as I noted, Jabba the Hut. I was only having fun with Mr. Schramm's description. Take it easy. I know, respect, and admire plenty of overweight people, even if Mr. Christie isn't one of them. I really try to steer well clear of all the juvenile fat jokes, be they aimed at Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore. They are lame and pointless. Also, you have no idea what I look like - perhaps I'm morbidly obese?

"What does his weight have to do with his effectiveness as a leader?"

Nothing. Perhaps your question would make more sense directed at Mr. Schramm, who wrote:
"...he's thrice wider than other men. therefore worthy of our entire trust."

(although I highly suspect he was just being goofy and had his tongue in cheek when he typed that - but I could be wrong, I don't know)

Seriously, Redwald, does it take a lot of effort to be that unperceptive, that obtuse?

Governor Christie excels at being a hard-ass when the times call for being a hard-ass. Good for him.

So, Craig, some of your best friends are fat, right?

You are the one being obtuse. PWS was waxing poetic, but you chose to take the verse literally. Lard is lard, after all, and fat is fat. And of course these things are UGLY, like a giant, slobbering worm.

In short, PWS saw Christie's weight as a virtue, an indicator of stalwart trustworthiness. You, on the other hand, were reminded of ugliness and vileness.

Next time, turn down the snark. It reveals your inmost character.

Operating on my theory that some of Scanlon's most vocal condemnations are based on a reality in his own life (in short, the unrighteous self-righteous syndrome), perhaps we can conclude that Scanlon himself is fat?

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