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Dear Sarah Palin

I am sorry.  When I heard that a moderate Democratic member of Congress had been shot by a white male, I had all kinds of suspicions.  It is not clear to me, even now, to what extent those suspicions were reasonable and to what extent they were fueled by a set of personally-held cultural bigotries that I am only now beginning to recognize.  In any case, I should have kept those suspicions to myself until facts came out substantiating any link (whether personal or ideological) between the shooter and yourself and a broad movement of citizen activists.  I am embarrassed at my confidence at the "odds" that the shooting was "political."  By "political" I meant that the shooter was directly inspired by your rhetoric and ideology rather than the shooter having a combination of personal and political (though deranged) motives that I could not have guessed at given my perfect ignorance of his personal situation.  I now recognize that my confidence was really a manifestation of my desire to wound my enemies at every opportunity.

I am especially sorry that, as the facts came out, I did not admit that I had been wrong in my assumptions and that I instead retreated into a politicized pseudo-meteorology about the "national climate" in order to continue my campaign of linking you and other organizations and people I disagree with to the Arizona attack.  I still don't know to what degree I was motivated by pride, hatefulness, a desire to see my policy preferences prevail or some combination of the above. 

There has been much talk of a need to increase the amount of civility in public discourse.  I have come to agree with that sentiment.  I will start with myself.

My apologies.


Paul Krugman

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As they saying goes, Sarah Palin is living rent free in liberals minds. Geez, just think if she charged them rent. She would richer than George Soros.


You might be interested in this link below. It is a video of 4 minutes of twitter posts by people hoping for Sarah Palin's quick, but painful death.

Very good, Pete. And in a minute, I'm going to wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette.

Good one from the fantasy file, Pete.

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