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I wonder if some of the reason why so many people wish to pin a political significance on the recent murders in Arizona is that that would give the violence some meaning.  When political people are involved, meaning tends to be political.  It is far easier for us to think that murder has a purpose (even a bad one), and that someone died for a reason, than it is to think that someone died because we live in a world that is often cruel, and that evil exists, and that sometimes a random kook can kill someone for no rational cause.  The real question here is the ancient one of why evil exists if creation is good.
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Human life has meaning because each human being bears the image of the true God Who has

created him, and because God created man to worship, serve and commune with Him. Life is

sacred, hence the penalty for destroying a human life is the forfeiture of the life of the

murderer. The entrance of sin into the universe is the result of man's attempt to rebel and

to live outside of the will of the Creator, and the individual acts of evil are a

manifestation of this fact. The Lord maintains His control over the universe, but allows,

for His own purposes, sin to run it's course through history. Scripture teaches that there

will be a final judgment where all men will face the consequences of their rebellion, except

for those who have repented of sin and trusted Christ for salvation. The events of recent

days in Arizona are, once again, man refusing to do the will of his Creator.

Absolutely true. Atheist natterings notwithstanding, multiple lines of evidence demand the acknowledgement that God is here and He is not silent. The Founders of this nation understood this. They also knew that the form of government they instituted was only appropriate for a nation that was predominantly Christian, in practice as well as label.

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