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Psychobiography Still Doesn't Work

Everyone keeps trying to tread in the footsteps of Fawn Brodie, but it doesn't work very well, as I explain in a review of a psychobiography of George W. Bush appearing in today's Washington Post.
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I hope Julie Ponzi might learn from this. It seems every couple weeks she has some amateur psychological analysis of Obama or whatever demon liberal she's after that day. Blinks when he talks? That's a "tell" about something deep and dark down in the core of his angry soul. Doesn't blink? Also, a tell. References the Founders in speeches? That's a "tell" - as it is when the Founders are not referred to. Of course, the "tells" are almost invariably pointing to something very, very bad, evil, dangerous, scary, etc., etc.

Also isn't it something how much ink the liberal, lamestream Washington Post has been giving you?

Surprisingly generous for such ideological leftists.

"Of course, the "tells" are almost invariably pointing to something very, very bad, evil, dangerous, scary, etc., etc."

That is because people who you seem to approve of are bad, evil, dangerous, scary, etc.

Get used to being called out Scanlon, because you are just wrong on each and everything you profess to believe in your fevered postings.


Interesting. Did you see in earlier threads where I've said that I don't like Obama and I already know that I will not be voting for him in 2012?

I'm "wrong on each and everything [sic]" ?

Wow, I would have never guessed that. You must feel good, being able to detect that sort of thing and, presumably, being right about everything. That's probably very comforting, I'd imagine.

What exactly makes my postings "fevered"?

Keep on calling me out, "thedaddy" !!

Over time, I'm sure you will help me to see the light.

I don't plan on voting for McCain if he runs in 2012 either. What's your point? You think your saying that makes you immune from proper scrutiny for your other posts, your core-dumps of links, your predictable behavior of obfuscation, your utter lack of your own voice in these matters?


Just once I'd like to see you answer a question straight on. You seem incapable. Or at least incapable of doing so in your own pen, from your own mind.

I'll keep calling you out when I feel like it.

You will never see the light because you don't want to.


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