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I've been rather preoccupied over the last few weeks with several things, among them Monday's Bradley lecture at AEI on "Eminent Progressives" (video not up yet, but soon to be a book and major motion picture), and launching my new environmental website (about which more in a moment).  What else is going on?  Oh yeah, Krugman and company have blown all their fuses over events in Arizona.  

The New York Times "Room for Debate" blog asked for a submission, where I argued that the left's response was not merely outrageous and unserious, but was forestalling the deliberation we should be having about what can be done about mentally ill people who are behind most of these recent violent acts.  Fortunately it looks from the polls and other media reaction that the left is getting its head handed to them (oh wait--I guess I can't use language like that any more), and has merely forestalled this discussion by about 72 hours.  Today there are a number of good articles about how mental illness, not Sarah Palin, is the problem that needs attention, including this from Bill Galston, and this from Benjamin Kerstein, among others.

Back to my new website.  Long story, but I decided to retire my old Index of Leading Environmental Indicators after 14 editions, and replace it with the Almanac of Environmental Trends, which will have one last print incarnation shortly, but then go wholly online at  The site is up and running as of last week, though we're still tweaking it and adding lots of content.  It will be interactive, and will have new material and updates on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  
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I'm sorry I missed your talk; something came up at the last minute. Looking forward to the video though. I'll be at the Mayflower tomorrow around 6:30 for a farewell drink.

Alas, I'm in Texas tomorrow, so I shall have to miss the grand sendoff. BTW, I don't know what the Weekly Standard is going to do after this. They used the Mayflower bar as their lunchroom.

How about having an intelligent debate on why I am paying $3.48 per gallon for diesel fuel. Oh wait, that would mean that the Democrats/Liberals who prevent us from drilling for oil and natural gas would be called on the carpet and the Tea Party will find out that one of BP's biggest campaign donors was Barack Obama ($71,000).

Cowgirl (great name, by the way):

Our anti-drilling policy is only the half of it. Diesel used to he cheaper than gasoline, remember? But it is now more expensive because it has stringent anti-pollution refining requirements. Probably worth doing at some price, but that price ought to be explicit. Someday, when we get real biodiesel, this problem will have to be revisited.

Thanks! I remember when diesel was cheaper than gasoline, thus my rant. By the way I live in the stupid state (california) so we have the environmental whackjobs to deal with who have managed to chase out every refinery in Martinez, California and southern California. Of course the members of the Sierra Club and Green Peace here in California live in 4,000 square foot houses (much like Al Gore) which uses more electricity and natural gas than the whole continent of Africa.

I have a plan though. I can easily go to McDonalds or Taco Bell (those evil capitalist companies) and get their used french fry/taco shell oil and refine it in my barn. Much cheaper than buying it at the pump and cleaner than gasoline or electricity.

But what will you do when Mike Bloomberg and Michelle Obama take our french fries away?

I thought it was the "toy" that comes with the french fries that they want to take away. :):)

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