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The Extremes of Religious Persecution

Earlier today, Pope Benedict XVI lamented "the great challenges facing humankind in our time," particularly noting threats to "religious freedom." Benedict also acknowledged the "two opposite trends, both negative extremes," which bring about religious persecution:

on one side secularism, which often in hidden ways marginalizes religion to confine it to the private sphere; on the other side fundamentalism, which in turn would like to impose itself on all by force.

While the Pope didn't specifically mention persecution against Christians, this reality is particularly egregious in atheist (secular) and Islamic (fundamentalist) nations during the Christmas season. The treatment of minorities continues to be a tell-tale sign of the difference between moderate, Western democracies in the Christian parts of the world and those nations on the extremes mentioned above. The veracity of the Pope's linking of secularism and fundamentalism is well-reflected in the striking similarity and compatibility of communism and militant Islam.

The Pope is performing a global mission similar to that of southern evangelicals in America who raised an alarm about the plight of Christians in Sudan about 10 years ago. Christian persecution goes unmentioned in the American media and among many liberal organizations ostensibly devoted to all human rights violations - political correctness apparently demands that they turn the Christian's other cheek, even when the Christian would prefer otherwise. 

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Why is it that the Muslims are killing non muslims all over the world and people are still scared to mention it in public let alone deal with the issue and hold them up to our standards


Perhaps inspired by the glorious tales of Moslem invaders who ransacked Egypt, torched churches and mass murdered Christian Copts a Moslem suicide bomber blew himself up along with 21 Christians outside a Church New Years Day in Alexandria-a city named after the tolerant conqeror of the ancient world. After decades of violent persecution, kidnappings, rapes, arson, theft, forced conversions and murder are Copts finally getting the message that Moslems in their country from the government on down don't want them there? That they're intent on pleasing Allah and the Prophet's bloodthirsty soul with the reality of a Christian free Egypt? Perhaps only then will Egypt regain its leadership position in the Middle East and throughout the Sunni world-Allah is generous with his blessings. Heck, if the Moslem Brothers and Hamas in neighboring Israel are powerless to drive the Zionists into the sea what better way to satisfy a disappointed God than by ridding Egypt of infidel Copts? The Copts are on the chopping block while the world ignores their cries.

The level of Christian persecution worldwide is greater today than it has ever been. Muslim and former Soviet Bloc countries are the predominant areas. Voice of the Martyrs at is a good resource for learning of and helping the persecuted. Don't think it can't happen in the US either.
God Bless America!

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