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Defunding Begins: Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been defunded by the House. Rep Mike Pence and FRC's Tony Perkins explain the legislation in a Daily Caller op-ed: "Getting Taxpayers Out of the Abortion Business." The article identifies Planned Parenthood as the largest abortion mill in America (888 per day) and the largest recipient of federal funds under the Title X family planning and health services grant program which prohibits grants from funding abortion. 

Planned Parenthood's funding hypocrisy is only surpassed by its women's rights hypocrisy exposed in the series of Live Action videos showing Planned Parenthood "aiding and abetting underage sex trafficking."

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I am tired of the left/progessives/liberals unending diatribe on abortion. Abortion is a choice. A Woman can do what she what's with her body. An Abortion is between a woman and her doctor. On and on and on. If abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor then so bit. My wallet and what I spend my money on is between me and my wallet. It is a private matter. I am against abortion, it is all out murder of a unborn child, and my wallet is between me and my wallet - it is private. I don't want to pay for anyone's abortion. That is a private matter too. If abortion is private - it is private for everyone - not just woman who want abortions. There is nothing in Roe V Wade that says abortion is only for pregnant women.

If you need an abortion or want an abortion - fine - get a job and pay for it. Don't come around asking me to take care of your responsibility.

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