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Did Gov. Christie Lay The Smackdown On Palin?

Some folks seem to think so, but I mostly don't.  I think that the part about "unscripted moments" was primarily about Palin and it is not the first time he has made such a comment.  I heard him say the same think weeks ago and I chose not to write anything about it because it seemed like such an obvious and innocuous observation.

I think Christie's more interesting comment was about how you can't be "blow-dried and poll tested."  I don't take that as a shot at Palin.  There are multiple legitimate complaints about the limitations of Palin's approach to public commentary, but being "poll tested" isn't one of them.  Does anyone think "wtf" or her rambling statement about Obama and Egypt were poll tested?  Give Palin credit.  She doesn't need a poll or a focus group to tell her what her supporters want to her.  I think Christie might have been thinking of another "blow-dried and poll tested" ex-governor who is thinking of running for President. 

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Yes, her nebulous grammar and the I'm-a-mother-of-teenage-girls phrases she chooses to employ are annoying at best and presidential deal-breakers at worst. Let her continue acting as a fundraiser for Tea Party candidates. Palin's manner of speaking reminds me of my mother's friends who still have teenagers in the house - they are nice ladies, but I probably wouldn't vote for any of them in the Republican primary.

What makes me angry is that pointing out such things will elicit a "wtf" tweet from Palin and/or her Mama Grizzlies, and possibly the accusation of RINOism.

I agree - she should continuing acting as a fundraiser for Tea Party candidates. You might not have been in America on November 2, 2010, but a "shellacking" took place in which the Democrats lost the majority in the House and a comfortable majority in the Senate due to the Tea Party. Obviously you suggest that Palin had something to do with that - She did nebulous grammar and all....

Actually, I was in the middle of the Mojave Desert for a field exercise on November 2, but yes, I was aware of the election results. It was especially inspiring when we picked up VP Biden's old senate seat in Delaware.

I think that while Gov Palin played a role in the victory is wasn't a lead role by any stretch. Rick Santelli got the ball rolling and the Silent Majority and Gen X'er parents finally got their heads out of their asses and started caring about politics.

I personally gave several thousand dollars to individual candidates during the campaign for the first time in my life (yes, including Christine "Lost Cause" O'Donnell after she won and Rush sent out an SOS), and it wasn't Sarah Palin's tweeting that made me aware that the future of the country was at stake or her folksy wisdom that motivated me to do something about it.

Here is the casus belli in all its glory:

I saw highlights of this clip in a hotel room in New Mexico the day it happened. It's lost its novelty by now, but when this came out it resonated like a thunder clap across a country seething over an ill-conceived "stimulus". If any one person can get the credit for November 2 it's Rick Santelli and his famous Tea Party rant.

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