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Moral Equivalence Gone Wild

Scott Shane, writing for the New York Times, can't help but report (this is not an op-ed or editorial) the striking similarity between the Muslim Brotherhood terror organization and the Catholic Church.  

Its size and diversity, and the legal ban that has kept it from genuine political power in Egypt for decades, make it hard to characterize simply. As the Roman Catholic Church includes both those who practice leftist liberation theology and conservative anti-abortion advocates, so the Brotherhood includes both practical reformers and firebrand ideologues.

Let me get this straight: Catholics who practice the sort of "leftist liberation theology" palatable to liberals are akin to "practical reformers" in the Muslim world, whereas those loathed "conservative anti-abortion advocates" are the equivalent of the jihad-is-our-way "firebrand ideologues" in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, pro-life Catholics are exactly like Muslim terrorists calling for the political domination of the world, complete Islamic compulsion on pain of death and the extermination of every last Jew. In truth, even comparing liberation theology to the creed of Islamic terrorism reveals a deep psychosis on the part of the Times.

It is lunacy to believe that Catholics praying the rosary for the right of unborn children to live are somehow comparable to Muslims indiscriminately detonating roadside bombs. This absurdity is what passes for moral caliber and general sanity at the New York Times.

P.S. It bears noting, in case anyone missed the point, that "liberation theology" is a Marxist social-class movement that has been largely condemned by the Catholic Church - so the New York Times' message is that the only good Catholics are heretical, socialist Catholics.

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Justin, why don't you join the rest of the world and STOP reading the NYT? While ignoring "the enemy" is not usually a wise course, in this instance that may be the strategy of choice.

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