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Terrific letter by Mitch Daniels in the Wall Street Journal today.  Good example of how states can help advance the argument against Obamacare.  Only two suggestions:

1.  It isn't enough to threaten to not cooperate with Obamacare.  It would be even better if states like Indiana (and other Republican-governed states) worked to establish facts on the ground as quickly as possible to make the implementation of Obamacare (or any kind of government-run health care) politically more difficult.

2.  There is a gap in conservative public rhetoric when it comes to health care.  There is a wonky policy-driven rhetoric that you find in magazines like National Affairs and a populist health care rhetoric you find in the broadcast right-leaning media. Neither rhetoric is sufficient to our situation.  The first relies on a reader's knowledge of terms and ideas that are unfamiliar to the vast majority of the public.  The second relies on the audience already sharing certain premises about socialized medicine, getting the government out of health care, tort reform, etc. We are lacking a public rhetoric that can explain the wonky ideas of the National Affairs gang (and the records of politicians like Mitch Daniels) in populist everyday language.   

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I reside in the Stupid State (California), therefore, no one from my state will make any arguments against Obamacare. Like drug addicts, they see it as more free drugs from the federal government. The other side of this coin, however, is the faster that the Stupid State gets addicted to spending more money that they don't have, the faster they hit bottom. The faster the Stupid State hits bottom, the sooner we can start over.

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