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Quote of the Day: Obama vs Reagan

Well, the United States has finally moved to freeze all of Gaddafi's assets (several days after the Swiss had already decided to do so). This is what President Obama had to say about the Colonel in his statement today: "By any measure, Muammar el-Qaddafi's government has violated international norms and common decency and must be held accountable."

Yes, we are freezing his money because he is not normal or decent by international standards (a vague statement that could be applicable to many of the world's leaders). That is the extent of his commentary on Gaddafi himself, saving the rest of his statement for the less personal "government of Libya."

President Reagan referred to Colonel Gaddafi as the "mad dog of the Middle East" and gave this address from the Oval Office as he ordered airstrikes on Libya. "Colonel Gaddafi is not only an enemy of the United States. His record of subversion and aggression against the neighboring states in Africa is well-documented and well-known... He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as the Western hemisphere... Despite our continued warnings, Gaddafi continued his reckless policy of intimidation, his relentless pursuit of terror. He counted on America to be passive. He counted wrong."

At that time Gaddafi wasn't even slaughtering his own people. When nations like France, Germany, and Luxembourg (whose foreign minister simply referred to Gaddafi as a "dictator who shoots at his own people") are taking a harder rhetorical line against this bloody villain than the American president, there is an issue. We don't need to go bombing or invading Libya, but President Obama should at least have the, to use his words, "common decency" to call a tyrant a tyrant and a murderer a murderer.
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In light of all the union-bashing which is all the rage (literally!) among the Tea Partiers, I think THIS should be the quote of the day from Reagan, where he speaks of the "right" of a nation's people to "form labor unions and to strike."

The story linked to is an executive order, those aren't written in "plain language" the way colorful business prospectus are.

The picture near the middle of the article with the upside-down Obama captioned: "Murderer" seems oddly placed.

If the story was about protests in Iran, it might be given greater context.

Some enterprising journalist should interview Chip Somodevilla his pictures demonstrate uncanny access.

Ah, finally a word for the civility master Scanlon.... The Tea Party is bashing the unions? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. What planet on you on today? Or better yet, what drugs do you take?

Since you must be on Mars today, let me fill you in. The union thugs are doing damage to everyone, including the children that they are sooooooooo dedicated to "teach" (even though WI has one of the worst school systems when it comes to proficiency in reading, writing and math) by taking personal days off from school to hold up signs that compare Walker to Hitler, Kadaffi, etc. etc. etc. Matter of fact, in case you haven't heard due to being on Mars or taking drugs (good liberals take drugs - look at the bus driver in the White House - he is addicted to nicotine and admits smoking dope) there was a New York Congressman who want the streets "to get bloody"

You either have a lot of nerve or are just plain ignorant to post something like that up here after the tirade you went on after the Arizona shootings.

Um... back to topic?

The problem, as I see it is that the Captain of our Ship-of-State is completely clueless as to the exercise of foreign policy, and how to actually lead world opinion in addressing an international crisis. On top of that, he so much wants to be liked for what he does that he's waiting for guidance from other leaders around the world before he even begins to take a position.

He doesn't just shift his course with the wind... he waits until all the other ships have shifted course, then he, too, swings the tiller hard-alee, retrims the sails, then proceeds to pretend he's leading from the rear of the fleet. Even Slick Willie could figure out how to keep his ship at the front of the fleet when the winds started to shift.

I fear that there are a lot more, and more interesting wind-shifts to come in the next year-and-a-half. Iran? North Korea? The US-Mexico border? Other surprises?

The question would be whether the protection of American citizens suffices as a reason for Obama's silence. It likely does.

The protection of American Citizens may be a factor, indeed. But displaying an irresolute and (by my standards) weak response to events would actually increase the dangers to US citizens in Libya, in my opinion.

We sent a commercial ferry to Tripoli, knowing full well that sea conditions would be awful for an evacuation? (US Navy has great weather forecasters... If our government didn't consult them on the evacuation, it's even a worse indictment). Then, after committing to a plan they should have known would go wrong, they stand around uttering nonsense to the press and trying not to offend the sensibilities of a madman?

What on earth is the 6th fleet for? We have assets in-theater, and we could have conducted a much faster evacuation while sending a very strong message. A temporary no-fly-ultimatum for Libyan military aircraft during the evac, combined with a very stern promise (done quietly through diplomatic channels) that if Qadaffi loyalists made any attacks against US citizens during the evac, that their barracks, depots, and other symbols/sources of power would get tagged by some GBU-31B's.

Instead of showing some leadership and resolve, our administration simply voted "present" and let our very good allies, the Brits (thank the Lord they don't hold any hard feelings for our President against our people) send in SAS commandos to evacuate folks from the remote areas of the country.

With a weak and feckless response like we've had from our Administration, it seemed to me that we were almost asking for Qadaffi and friends to take a bunch of hostages. I'm thankful it hasn't happened.

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