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On Reagan's 100th birthday, FRC notes "what most of the tributes leave out: Reagan the pro-lifer."

In 1987, while Reagan was still in the White House, Ted Koppel was the host of ABC's Nightline TV news show and noted that if you can say anything about Ronald Reagan, Americans know what this President believes. If you took any 50 Americans on any street corner in America and asked them what he's for, he's against, they could tell you: He's pro-life; he's against the Communists. Pro-life, against the communists. No doubt then. No memory now. President Reagan spoke of the unborn in both his Inaugural addresses, and his State of the Union speeches. He supported legislation, proposed constitutional amendments, and issued Executive Orders backing up those pro-life convictions. In his budgets, he zeroed out Planned Parenthood for eight years running. He wanted no federal money for this evil enterprise. And he wrote a book--the first President to do so while in the White House--titled Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation. He condemned no one--including pro-abortion politicians. He wouldn't dream of criticizing the members of the Supreme Court as they sat before him at a State of the Union address. But he sent his representatives up the steps of that eminent tribunal with a call to correct the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling. On this Ronald Reagan birthday weekend, let's remember the greatest pro-life president and thank God that he was born.

It's noteworthy that the Great Communicator was not only a principled politician, but a gentleman-statesman.

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It's a pity that presidents these days are not made out of the same material.....

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