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A fifth-grader in California had to lawyer-up this week in order to overcome the public school's unwritten prohibition on singing religious songs in a talent show. Also this week, a Michigan public school voluntarily amended their weapons-in-school policy so as to permit Sikh students to carry daggers on their persons.

The right to sing about Jesus at a talent show requires legal action, whereas carrying a knife to school is freely allowed out of a misguided sense of cultural sensitivity and tolerance of diversity.

This is the ridiculous but natural result of progressive principles in practice.
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Maybe Julie, if by progressive principles you mean federalism which allows public school boards in consultation with education lawyers to craft policies around the rullings of circuit courts, sometimes putting too much emphasis on the establishment clause, while at other times over-emphasising free excercise.

California is in the 9th and Michigan is in the 6th. Per capita the 6th circuit narrowly edges the 9th for most cases overturned, the 9th which is also the largest has the most overturned cases.

The 9th probably has the most bullish establishment clause jurisprudence, while the 6th is probably somewhat excessive when it comes to free excercise.

John, you are responding to the wrong JP - this one is Justin Paulette. The quality and style of the blog entry is similar to hers, but they are - as far as I know - two different people.

oops, I mean Justin, not Julie. (sometimes I forget the author and move to substance.)

The 6th has amish, and has crafted more exceptions for free excercise. In michigan you also have several public schools where minority religious groups are the majority which puts popular pressure on the school board to accomodate religion. (If you are a baptized follower of the Sikh religion, you are required to carry a kirpan.) I am sure the school has requirements, safely sheathed and concealed, age limits.

Across all circuits in general, the younger the student, the more the establishment clause forbids religious expression, while the older the student the more the free excercise clause comes into play.

And across all liberals, the more they mention the establishment clause, the more they display their ignorance of its meaning.

Fortunately, homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds; and conservatives in general, and homeschoolers in particular, are reproducing at a substantially higher rate than liberals. Just think of it as evolution in action. Survival of the fittest. Last man standing.

Cool off, Janeane Garofalo.

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