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What Got Cut?

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers described the Continuing Resolution as:

a monumental accomplishment for each and every American who believes that their government is spending too much. It dramatically scales back the size and scope of domestic government programs, eliminates $100 billion in spending compared to what the President asked for last year, and will mark the beginning of a new trend of reductions that will take place throughout the next year.

The House Appropriations webpage lists a lengthy, interesting and vastly satisfying roll call of the many programs and positions slashed under the CR.

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"An amendment by Rep. Weiner (D-NY) that bans foreign aid to Saudi Arabia."
Wow. I'm definitely going to play with that one when I get the time to dig into it some more.

I found myself laughing out loud. This was not really about the fact that something was being cut, biut because we were paying for that things in the first place.

"An amendment from Rep. Stearns (R-FL) that prohibits funds for UN construction within the US." What's this about?

" An amendment by Rep. Reed (R-NY) to reduce EPA STAG grants by $10 million to defund sewer improvements in Tijuana, Mexico."

"An amendment from Rep. McClintock (R-CA) that eliminates $20 million for tropical forest debt reduction, affecting the Department of the Treasury, Debt Restructuring portion of the CR."

"An amendment from Rep. Jones (R-NC) that prohibits the use of funds from being used to develop or approve a new limited access privilege program – “catch-shares” – for any fishery under the jurisdiction of the South Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, New England or Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council."

But this, defund some "czars" -- it sounds revolutionary.
"An amendment from Rep. Scalise (R-LA) that prohibits the use of federal funds to pay the salaries and expenses of the following “czars,” or special presidential advisers who are not required to go through the Senate confirmation process: Obama Care Czar, Climate Change Czar, Global Warming Czar, Green Jobs Czar, Car Czar, Guantanamo Bay Closure Czar, Pay Czar and Fairness Doctrine Czar."

This is so good and yet $100 billion still probably isn't enough.

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