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Where's Waldo: Wisconsin Edition

I've only intermittently followed the debacle in Wisconsin, but I've not heard much of the most obvious conclusion regarding the state's elusive Democrats. There is simply something untoward about politicians in high office hidding outside their jurisdiction in order to disrupt the work they have sworn to conduct. These are not the acts of statesmen or noble characters. It's shameful that their fellows, at the national level and throughout the states, have not readily condemned such childish and hypocritical antics.

Just for perspective, Democrats should observe that George W. Bush never imagined such disruptive, anti-democratic measures. When Republicans lost, they accepted defeat without abdicating their responsibilities and seeking to wreck the democratic process. Democrats have been as haughty and overbearing in victory as they are now spiteful and ridiculous in defeat.

Again, where is the outrage on the left?

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I'll settle for outrage in the middle.

Basically, what the "Badger 14" are trying to do is too akin to de facto secession for comfort. For I am reminded of the same spirit as the firebrand antebellum Southerners had--"we basically win (even if we lose elections), or we will not allow this government to continue."

Like those fire-eaters, the Wisconsin Democrats, apparently seem to think that the only legitimate government is one they control (either by a majority or by intimidation or by obstruction).

Filibusters, if desired by those framing a charter document, are the legitimate means for minorities to exert vetoes, as are three-fifths, two-thirds, and three-fourths vote requirements. Refusing to meet is not. The only logical conclusion is that the Badger 14 are either a.) trying to withdraw their districts from the State of Wisonsin, or b.) trying to rule the state via extra-legal means, and from a position of minority status.

If in their conscience the Badger 14 cannot participate in such bills as the Wisconsin legislature is trying to debate--even with the ability to vote "no" or "present"--then the appropriate remedy is to resign office. None other. The Badger 14 have functionally done this, and should not be allowed to resume their seats--or else the entire concept of elections is made a mockery.

"Tennis-court oath" type actions should be reserved only for the gravest of threats to concepts of the rule of law, rule by consent of the governed, and principles of popular sovereignty. The bills that are at issue in Wisconsin threaten none of those three, while the actions of the Democratic legislators do--because the people made it very clear in the last election that something like these bills was within the realm of the reasonable. The Badger 14 have said that does not matter--they will not allow a legislation so construed and so dedicated to meet. Period.

The Democrats who have fled should be ineligible to hold public office again, and all Constitutions, state and Federal, should have clauses relating to quorum that will prevent such tactics from ever being used again.
The concept of quorum is to prevent quick "midnight" passage of bills that do not have majority support because supporters have rigged things so that only supporters are present; a passage that could happen if a legislature is called to session in a manner designed to insure that some members or factions cannot attend quickly enough and are thus absent, leaving a minority as the majority. It is not designed to prevent functioning of government because one did not win the support of the people in the last election and cannot prevent bills one disfavors from passing.

This action by the Badger 14 is continuing proof that one party (in particular, elements of both parties in general) has apparently little idea of the concept that there are limits on behavior and use of office.

Yeah, where's Scanlon !!!!

Ann Althouse has a lot of photos and clever comments:

What the Absconding Badger Dems are doing is akin to a filibuster, I suppose.

It will almost surely fail, and in the meantime I have a strong hunch it's making them look really bad (it's hard to imagine that all those WI independents who put Walker in office, tossed out Feingold in favor of Johnson, and added two Pubbies to the state's congressional delegation are lovin' the illegal sick-out, the angry crowd at the governor's family home, and the Hitler posters).

I say let the weasels keep hidin'. As Napoleon said: Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake.

at least Obama voted "present."

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