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Having won a presidential election by simply not being George W. Bush, its understandable that Obama sought to govern by the same principle. However, the realities of the job have often forced him to take the path formally trodden (i.e., warrantless domestic wire-tapping, military surges, rendition). Now, the WSJ reports:

The Obama administration on Monday lifted its freeze on new military trials at Guantanamo Bay and for the first time laid out its legal strategy to indefinitely detain prisoners who the government says can't be tried but are too dangerous to be freed.

So, Gitmo will not be shut down, those vilified trials will resume and some terrorists will be held indefinitely without trial. Watch for it - Obama is just around the corner from penning a memo allowing "enhanced interrogation techniques."

Of course, Obama's charisma was never going to prove sufficient to actually convince foreign countries to adopt our Gitmo clientele, and American states had long ago shown symptoms of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) Syndrome when asked to host trials in civilian courts. The result was indefinite detention. The solution, belatedly arrived upon, is ... the Bush doctrine!

Somewhere, two former presidents named George Bush are smiling.

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Utterly ridiculous. Even Cheney has noted - with some obvious pleasure (perhaps mixed with relief) - that Obama has, on several scores, followed or even strengthened Bush admin policies. It's a situation of continuity.

George Bush doesn't have to say anything about the bus driver in the white house. The bus driver is doing a bang up job on his own proving that he is utterly incompentent and way over his head.

George Bush has won. If I was George Bush, I would keep being a gentleman, an ex-President, and an officer with a knowing smile on my face - bigger than Dallas.

"It's a situation of continuity."

Hahaha . . . that's great, and it's exactly the point!

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