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Capacities of Mankind

So titled is the latest Letter from an Ohio Farmer.  Do read it for its theme--brought forth by Libya and Egypt and Syria--is not unrelated to a note Abigail sent to John that read like this: "You tell me of degrees of perfection to which human nature is capable of arriving, and I believe it, but at the same time lament that our admiration should arrive at the scarcity of the instances." Good woman, and smart.
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These letters aren't really written by farmers, are they?

Thank you for providing good things to reflect on. This is the kind of material I like to see coming out of Ashbrook.

No, but as Ben Franklin never ceases to remind me, Poor Richard wasn't.

I just don't get the reason for the fronting, other than as some kind of homespun, Tea Party marketing device.

The letters are actually written by ideological scholars at or affiliated with Ashbrook (am I right)?

Much like Buckley and his phone book, I would rather see a series of unedited letters from actual Ohio farmers pontificating on political principles, the ideas and ideals of the founders, and policy issues of the current day.

Could be interesting, or it could end up like this:,2849/

and/or this:,528/

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