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Hillary 2012?

What if she resigns in evident disgust, once Ghadafi wipes out his opposition, and as Japan continues to glow.  After silence from her (though not from her spouse), a rising chorus insists she runs.  Wouldn't surprise me, though the odds would be against her.  She'd look good, I'm afraid to say, against both Obama and the GOP crew.
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Frank Luntz thought her statement indicated that she was seriously and genuinely burned out. He thought she sounded like a normal, rational person who simply wants a break. I found myself gravitating to that position . . . though more out of a wish than a shared thought.

Agreed Juli. Hillary made a serious mistake taking the Secretary of State position under what has now become THE most failed presidency in the history of the United States. She has to be exhausted working for someone who can pick the winner of the NCAA tournament, play golf and spend weekends in Rio, but when it comes to things like the economy, jobs, wars, oil prices, etc. etc. the only choice is failure. She would have wielded more power if she would have stayed in the Senate.

She is done.

She is tired of seeing her own reputation smeared because of this administration's irremediable inability to make coherent foreign policy decisions, and to make such decisions in a timely manner. It has become painfully apparent to Hillary that the guy that voted present for the minor disputes in the Illinois state legislature was never mentally or morally equipped for the Oval Office.

So the glamour of being America's Secretary of State has faded for her, the attraction waned, and her first-hand observation of how Jarrett is running the show has probably sickened her.

It's not coincidental that Bill Clinton himself came out just a week or so ago and blasted Obama's handling of America's energy problems, calling Obama's policies "ridiculous." Those are hard words from one Democrat for another.

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