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NPR Responds Without Contrition

NPR's CEO and president Vivian Schiller has resigned. NPR expressed "deep [and] genuine regret" over the resignation and professed "great respect" for Schiller's leadership - sentiments noticeably absent when Schiller had Juan Williams fired over the phone for expressing a mildly conservative opinion. Also absent was any regret for the actual scandal prompting the resignation - not a single word regarding the racial, elitist, degrading rant of NPR executives against Jews, conservatives, Republicans and "middle-America." There is no hint of contrition or an intent to reform. Rather, NPR laments this "traumatic period for NPR and the larger public radio community." Apparently, NPR is the victim.

All of this would just be repetition on a theme for conservatives if NPR were not a federally subsidized organization. Such funding forces the government to sponsor and patronize a particular viewpoint. Unlike the funding of faith-based charities, for example, which compete against secular institutions to provide for non-political social needs (which the government would otherwise perform less efficiently), public radio is not a government obligation and is inherently susceptible to political bias. When the bias is obvious, the taint upon government is so much more offensive.

A clean break would demonstrate a principled stance of non-partisanship on the part of government, and would cause only an insignificant financial loss to NPR (as they conceded on film). NPR may then join the deep ranks of liberal media outlets with abandon, untainted by unjust tax-payer subsidies.

UPDATE: Dana Davis Rehm, NPR's senior vice president of marketing, communications and external relations, has now stated: "We are appalled by the comments made by Ron Schiller in the video, which are contrary to what NPR stands for."  

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Defund. Defund. Defund.

Let's see ...

White, middle-America, gun-toting, scary, anti-intellectual ... Hmm ... who does that describe around here? Oh, that's right (looks upward and sees J. Paulette and cowgirl)

When you don't have any facts you start name calling just like NPR does and the bus driver in the white house - he is good at name calling too.

Anybody want to point out the irony to cowgirl here ...?

I'm not into futile endeavors, thanks.

Cowgirl, don't worry about Scanlon et al; since it's obvious to anyone with half a brain (who's not in denial) that 'anti-intellectual' we ain't, the rest is either neutral or a plus. 'Gun-totin' increases personal and public security. 'Scary'...only to those who would threaten us or our families, or threaten the welfare of the Union.

They may 'win' (defined as the collapse of the Union b/o the inevitable results of unConstitutional policies, but if we can hang on long enough, two trends may work in our favor:

1. Libtards reproduce poorly. They abort many of their offspring, and they think it's immoral to have >2 kids. I have 4, which is twice as many as my two libtard brothers have between them. My kids all intend to have kids. The 2 kids of my older brothers have no plans to have kids, and they're both grown women. Guess who wins the grandchild war? O, and don't forget to homeschool the kids so that the libtards in the NEA can't offset their negative reproduction value.

2. More and more young people are reading the Constitution for themselves, and realizing how far from it we have strayed. Combine that with anger over the FICA $ being stolen from them that they'll never see. Stir vigorously.

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No name calling. Just the truth. The bus driver even threw his own white Grandma under the bus. He talked real nice about her and then called her racist is so many words. That is called throwing someone under the bus. That is the truth. But you recognizing the truth is like the bus driver in the white house keeping his campaign promises - you know the one about closing Gitmo - Oops - boy did he throw you liberals that voted for him under the bus. Gosh - this is just too easy....

Doc, - I never worry. I just enjoy playing Scanlon's silly little game.

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