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When Israel's Revolution?

One of the more perplexing oddities of Europe, in my experience, is their virulent anti-Semitism - or, at least, their tolerance of anti-Semitism in their political leadership. And the higher you look, from the EU to the UN, the more egregious is the open hatred toward Jews and Israel - and the more solidarity one finds toward Palestine. Having spent years in that part of the world, I am confident that the culprit for this perceptional absurdity is an unrelenting and utterly biased international media.

Bret Stephens asks, "Are Israeli Settlers Human?" and notes last Friday's stabbing deaths of a West Bank family (including 11 and 4 year-old children, as well as a 3 month old infant) in their beds by Palestinian terrorists. Hamas denied Palestinian responsibility in an English statement, while an Arab statement praised the Palestinian jihadists for their infanticidal victory. The international community responded with a yawn. "For 60 years," Stephens notes, "no nation has been held to such stringent moral account, or such ceaseless international hectoring, as Israel. And no people has been held to so slight an account as the Palestinians."

Last Tuesday, Israel intercepted a ship from Turkey headed to Egypt and, ultimately, Gaza, carrying Iranian weapons shipped from Syria. This will have no effect on the international community's demonization of Israel's blockade of Gaze. That a slackening of the blockade would have allowed weapons to be delivered and, hence, Jews to be murdered, does not seem to be a serious concern.  

Nowhere else on Earth could this situation be countenanced. No other nation with the power to overcome its enemies would live in such perpetual threat. Perhaps Israelis should declare themselves in revolt against the autocratic leaders who claim ownership of their land and join the Middle Eastern movement for peace and democracy. They already have democracy - they have only to successfully demand peace.  

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Isn't is funny how a group of people consisting of 1 billion people (muslims - not all of them mind you) acts as though a group of 12.6 million the jews, is going to ruin and destory their lives and their existence. Of those 12.6 million jews, 6 million live in Israel and 6 million in the United States with the remaning 600,000 scattered across the world. Yet the 22 muslim nations as a whole surrounding the small nation called Israel, cannot even come close to the economy and technology that the Israels churn out. Their roses are the most expensive and desirable in the world - they grow them in what was once a desert - and they pump out some of the best and brightest software technology ever... i.e. Mercury was an Israeli company that sold to HP for over $4 billion. Israel employes 10,000 Palenstinians that cross the border each day to make a living - something that the other 22 countries surrounding Israel are unable to even think of - the amount of people living in poverty in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Libya, etc is astounding - even though those countries have oil wells built by none other than American and European Capitalist companies.

My take is that no matter what happens, Israel will come out smelling like a rose.

Cowgirl, you don't understand the prominent role that Jews play in the cosmology of mohammad and those that follow him. Jews are seen as the devil's henchmen, his agents, but even more than that, each Jew is something of an alter ego for the devil himself. Which is why when Jewish children were slaughtered, it was an occasion for celebration for those that adhere to mohammad. Not just one little devil was killed, but a few others too; that's how the children of mohammad look at it.

It's difficult to believe, particularly in an age of cultural relativism.

Go read Ratzinger's remarks at Regensburg, and go check out the Byzantime Emperor that he quoted.

One of the most jarring things for me during my small stay in Europe was constantly seeing Palestinian flags waving at most of the protests and political rallies I witnessed, and then how critical some professors I spoke to seemed to be of Israel. While no nation is above proper criticism, they failed to acknowledge the fact that whatever trespasses Israel has are hardly anything compared to the actions of most of its neighbors. Even when arguing in favor of stopping Iran's nuclear program, they avoided mentioning Israel's safety as a reason why and kept it mostly to anti-proliferation.

@Dan: I read recently that Benedict is coming out with a book "exonerating" the Jews for the crucifixion of Christ. It should be an interesting read.

Yes, I understand more than you know the so-called
"issues between muslims and jews". You might want to read and study the Biblical account of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Jacbo and Ishmel to get a true understanding - much better than your reference.

You did not understand my point. It seems that no matter what happens to Israel, they come out smelling like a rose. Does that not make you wonder.....

Europeans have hated Jews since the Middle Ages. They burned them alive during the Black Death (for supposedly poisoning wells, etc.), they dispossessed them routinely, and purged them now and again (check out the Spanish Inquisition and of course the Holocaust for more extreme treatment). While Euros are generally smug about their civilizational accomplishments, and typically consider Americans crude and boorish, they are no more exempt from human failings than we are.

Why anyone would want to model his/her society after them (e.g., American liberals) is beyond me. There societies are moribund and in deep crisis (even more than we are), and their charm is more than offset by their prejudices.

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