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Iran officially became a member of the UN's women's rights committee yesterday. No additional comment should be necessary for the moderately aware reader - the absurdity and shame is entirely self-evident.

However, the ever-watchful Anne Bayefsky offers a critique of the UN by noting the member nations running its various commissions:

Human Rights: Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Angola

Status of Women: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran

Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: Libya, Russia, Sudan, Iran, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan

Women: Libya, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, China

Social Development: Cuba, Egypt, Zimbabwe

NGOs: Sudan, Cuba, Pakistan, China

Information: China, Libya, Kazakhstan, Iran

Children's Fund (UNICEF): Sudan, China

World Food Programme: Executive Board: Sudan

P.S. It is worth noting that the U.S. did not oppose Iran's elevation to the women's rights board. Also, Pajama Media posts on the deplorable legal status of Iranian women and has a video of Iran's testimony before the UN hailing the outstanding equality enjoyed by Iranian women.

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The UN has been a joke for a very long time. It's essentially a stage upon which political factions play various games. I've always thought we should push it out of NYC and rent the building (if anyone will have it) to productive firms. But no, liberals have to have their stupid fictions.

If that brief list isn't an absolutely damning indictmen, ----------- then I don't know what one is.

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